Let us invite you to the pearl of the Indian ocean (Sri Lanka) we will certainly sire that total relaxation you needed all these years you were looking for. We offer your real mantel relaxation while travelling with us into the good created natures wonder of wonder .The fantastic natured beauty unsurpassed any were you have seen would calm you and relax your mind to keep you mentally fresh for years to come your next visit or till you make your next visit. Discover Sri Lanka at you best through us.
  • We could offer you your total mental relaxation
  • If your interests are
  • Sea beaches ideal for swimming
  • Natures scenic beauty
  • Ancient human civilization unfolding right in front you eyes
  • People of Sri Lanka are known world over for their hospitable smiles


Over the fifteen years I have gained an enormous amount of experiences in the hospitality industry. As a chef in some of best hotels, it taught me the finer points in this field. As such I could explicitly and boldly state, that my organization is fully equipped practically to carter to the total satisfaction of the customer.

Please do give me the opportunity to prove my capabilities, where the customer would be spellbound thoughout the duration of their tour. This is the only country in the world where a tourist could experience four different climates within six hours. As a tropical island (known as the enchanted island) one could really enjoy the golden beaches right around the coastal belt, Oh….what a grand scenic beauty of nature could be witnessed in awe, especially the tea gardens of the hill country and one of the finest botanical gardens, in the world. Historically one could witness an array of highly advanced ancient civilizations unbelievably in this very island. The tropical rain forest is a rare sight to see and enjoy its richness ,full of natures wonders combined with its wild life.

Seeing is believing come on in we will surely bestow the very best tour package that would keep your memories for long long years to come.


We would arrange your tour package which could out beat many long standing travel organizations.

Best Regards,
Manjula Kumara,
Managing Director.

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